• 1) Am I allowed to participate in more than one race?

      Yes, you are allowed to sign up for more than one category (individual, team, corporate categories) but you are not allowed to sign up for more than 1 race in a category within a single category. However, do note that fees are non-refundable.

    • 2) Do I get additional goodie bags if I join more than one race?

      Yes, the number of goodie bags you are entitled to will be distributed according to the number of categories you register for.

    • 3) Do I get an additional event shirt if I join more than one race?

      Yes, the number of shirts you are entitled to will be distributed according to the number of categories you register for.

    • 4) When is the last day of registration?

      Registration will end on 12th May 2019. It is advisable to sign up early as the slots available for the event are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

    • 5) Are there gender restrictions in team events?

      Please refer to the table in the Categories tab, under "Event Details".

    • 6) Can I sign up on the event day at the registration booth?

      Unfortunately, all participants would have to send in their registration forms by mail or sign up online before 12TH May 2019. Only confirmed applicants are allowed to participate in the marathon.

    • 7) How do I know if a race is closed / full?

      If the category is full, we will make an announcement on the Updates section of our Home page, our Facebook page and on our Instagram page. Do like our Facebook page for instant updates and follow our Instagram.

    • 8) Can I change my race after I have registered for the event?

      Changing of categories is not allowed once payment has been made and processed by us.

    • 9) Who can sign up for the Family Fun Race?

      Teams in this race must comprise only direct family members.

    • 10) Who can sign up for the Corporate Challenge?

      Teams in this race must comprise only staff from the same salary-paying company or organisation.

    • 11) Will I be able to get a refund if I choose to withdraw after registration and payment?

      Unfortunately, there will be no refund for those who choose to withdraw.

    • 12) Are the Team races a relay or consolidation of individual timings?

      Only Corporate relay and Open relay races are relays. The rest of the races with more than one person are based on the consolidation of all the members' timings.

    • 13) What do I get if I join the Family Fun Race since there are no prizes?

      Participants will receive the Finisher medal, goodie bag and will qualify for a grand lucky draw at the end of the race.

    • 14) What is the difference between Team Open and Open Relay?

      Team Open requires every participant to complete the entire climb while participants in Open Relay will collectively complete the climb.

    • 15) What am I entitled to upon the completion of my race?

      Participants who complete the climb would be entitled to receive an exclusive National Vertical Marathon 2019 Finisher medal, while participants who complete the relay categories (Corporate Relay & Open Relay) would receive an exclusive National Vertical Marathon 2019 Relay Finisher medal.

    • 16) How does the relay work? (Only for Open Relay & Corporate Relay participants)

      The team of 3 will split themselves, and order themselves from first to last. The first runner would be stationed at the starting line, while the subsequent runners at their respective levels. Once the preceding team member reaches the next team member, they would have to pass over a baton before the next team member proceeds with his climb. The runners will be escorted to the first floor upon completion of the race to reconvene with each other.

    • 17) Can I run with my friend that is in a different race?

      Different races will be flagged off at different timings. Hence, you will not be able to run with your friend in a different category. If you want to run together, you can consider running as a group under the Team Open Race.  However, for races within the Individual category, you are able to run with your friends in the same wave by filling up this form! We seek your understanding that this is only subjected to availability.

    • 18) When will I receive my race bib?

      Participants will receive their race bib on the event day.

    • 19) Am I eligible for the IVP category?

      Full-time and Part-time matriculated students are eligible to participate.


      The participating institutions are:

      • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
      • National University of Singapore (NUS)
      • Singapore Management University (SMU)
      • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
      • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
      • Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD)
      • Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)
      • Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
      • Singapore Polytechnic (SP)
      • Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
      • Republic Polytechnic (RP)
      • Combined Institutes of Technical Education (ITE)



    • 1) How do I know what time to report on event day?

      An email containing the event details and the reporting timings will be sent to all participants at least 1 week before the event.

    • 2) What do I need to bring on event day?

      Bring down your photo identification card (NRIC/driver's license/FIN), indemnity form, as well as your confirmation email. Additionally, as we plan to Go Green this year, minimal paper cups will be provided at our water points hence participants are highly encouraged to bring their own water bottle to the event.

    • 3) Will there be enough time for me to warm-up before my race?

      Yes, there will be sufficient time after you register to do your own warm-up. It is advisable for you to come earlier to do some warm-up and to have a light meal before that.

    • 4) What should I do if I lose my number tag after registration?

      Please proceed to the Help Desk to report your lost number tag. An administrative fee will be charged and a new number tag will be issued to you.

    • 5) If one of my team members fails to turn up one the event day, will the rest of the team be allowed to compete?

      Yes, your team will still be allowed to complete the marathon but the team will not be ranked. As for the relay races, the preceding runner will have to cover for the runner that did not turn up. i.e. if the 3rd runner is absent, the 2nd runner will be required to cover the 3rd runner's required climb.

    • 6) When is the goodie bag collection?

      Goodie bag collection will be on the event day itself. Do note that collection of your event tee, race tag and medals are also on the event day itself.

    • 7) Will I get to know my individual/team timing?

      Yes, of course! Results of individual/team timing will be released on the day itself. The official results will also be posted on our website approximately 1 week after the event.

    • 8) Is there an area for me to place my bag before the race?

      There will be a baggage counter for you to place your bag.

National Vertical Marathon 2019

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