Designed as an alternative to conventional flat-road marathons, National Vertical Marathon (NVM) is a race that sees its participants scale the entirety of a skyscraper. It is a sport that befits Singapore, an urban city filled with tall buildings, and provides a hearty physical challenge to all participants as well.


The brainchild of the NTU Sports Club, NVM has had an extremely remarkable 22-year run since its inception in 1994. The enthusiastic response that every annual event has had, bolstered by the support of a loyal congregation of climbing enthusiasts, ensures that NVM continues to be a success yearly. In fact, the continued success of NVM has inspired many other vertical marathons all across Singapore, making NVM one of the pioneering events for this relatively new sport of stair-climbing.


The 2017 edition of NVM is proudly organised by the 23rd NVM Organising Committee. The continued goal of the committee has remained constant throughout the years — to bring the simple sport of stair-climbing to people of all ages and walks of life, sportsman or not. The committee hopes that the coming NVM 2017 will further develop the prominence of vertical marathon events in the public eye. We also hope to encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle through the hosting of this event as well.





First Row [L-R]: Benjamin Mak (Senior Co-Chairperson), Ang Geok Xing (Co-Chairperson), Tay Su Xia (Chairperson), Lee Jun Jie (Co-Chairperson)


Second Row [L-R]: Brena Tan (Registration Officer), Janessa Woon (Registration Officer), Zoe Kwek (Registration Officer), Kwek Le Yin (Media Liaison Officer),

Vernetta Phang (Treasurer), Hee Yu Quan (Secretary), Yap Duan Feng (External Senior Co-Chairperson)


Third Row [L-R]:  Tee Yee Yang (Logistics Officer), Samuel Lee (Logistics Officer), Denise Quek (Business Manager), Lim Yiat Ghee (Business Manager), Lim Yan Ling (Publicity Officer),

Joy Tay (Publicity Officer), Wong Wing Lum (Event Controller), Lee Zhi Hui (Event Controller), Sim Wei Nan (Event Controller)




Launched in 1991, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Sports Club has spent more than a quarter of a century promoting all kinds of sports activities in NTU. NTU Sports Club is under the umbrella of the Students' Union as a non-academic constituent club. Sports Club is currently led by it's 26th management committee for the Academic Year 2016/2017.


NTU Sports Club aspires to deliver a rich and dynamic sports lifestyle to all NTU students and public alike. With the support of its 21 sub-clubs, NTU Sports Club offers a wide range of activities to cater to the diverse needs of every student. Each year, NTU Sports Club organises school events such as Sports Challenge, Sports Exposé and Sports Unlimited. Additionally, NTU Sports Club also serves as the proud organiser of three reputable national-level events beyond NTU's campus — Surf N Sweat, Bike Rally and National Vertical Marathon.

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